SynergoSystem is able to provide its customers with Web Marketing Services , Pay per Click Campaigns and Keywords Advertising and creations of corporate blogs.

Due to the increasing traffic and the increasingly fierce competition in the web, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make new contacts through the search engines .

SynergoSystem strong of a high level of professionalism and knowledge of the network and its continuous evolution , is capable of making high visibility, increasing visits and qualified accesses to the websites of its customers. Our approach begins with the careful analysis of the " domain of competence" activity to promote the assessment of the competition , finishing with the drafting of a plan of Web Marketing is ideal for reaching the final .

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Marketing:

What is Web Marketing?

The Web Marketing can be defined as the application of traditional marketing to the Web . The Web Marketing is in fact in the promotion and advertising of a site on the internet with a view of well-defined objectives , such as maximizing the number of visitors to specific targets. The Web Marketing also involves the design of the site , searches and preliminary analysis , the coordination of its implementation and the final presentation to the client.

What does it mean SEM ?

SEM stands for "Search Engine Marketing ", ie the marketing applied to the search engines . The Search Engine Marketing encompasses all the activities necessary therefore to use search engines as a tool for promoting a website. An example would be a Pay Per Click campaign through Google Adwords or Yahoo SM .

What does it mean SEO?

SEO stands for "Search Engines Optimization" and refers to actions that a web agency 's efforts to improve the position of a website in search engines . It can also be understood with SEO "Search Engine Optimizer " to refer directly to the trader himself. In the latter case an SEO is therefore the one that indexes and ranks websites.

Why is positioned at the top of the search engines ?

Improving the position of your site in search engines , ie appearing in the top results from a query (those on which falls the greater attention of the navigator ) can dramatically increase the number of daily visitors for long periods of time. To be at the top in search engines is unconsciously perceived by the user as a guarantee of quality and reliability. In addition, the fact that the user accesses the website from a specific search, guarantees the arrival of visitors are really interested object of the site.